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Re: Contract with recurring card payment

Landoo SL, Josean Soroa
- 03/12/2019 08:43:26
Hi Henrik.
We have developed a module to add recurring payments with PayPal.
Documentation is very hidden but we found it and now it works.
We can share code and help if more development if needed, for a fee.
If interested, let me know.
Josean Soroa
LANDOO - Information Systems with Odoo
Escrito desde mi móvil. Disculpa la brevedad y la ausencia de tildes.
Written from my mobile. Excuse me for briefness.

El sáb., 30 nov. 2019 20:51, Henrik Norlin <> escribió:
Dear community,

I would like to have an open source module for contracts with recurring Stripe or Paypal payments, depending on

Does a module like this exist?
Who would like to develop such a module? I would then fund-raise for it.

Kind regards
Henrik Norlin

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