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Re: Contract with recurring card payment

Open Architects Consulting, Houssine BAKKALI
- 30/11/2019 23:08:48
Hi Henrik,

I don't think that paypal could give such service and it needs validation by the user for each payment. Paypal is a bit shitty from my experience and I never used stripe.

We use Mollie and we are pretty satisfied. The Mollie API is pretty easy too. There is a Mollie Odoo module for payment

Anyway, contract won't be enough to manage recurring payment which will need a module to handle it. Recurring payment could be uncoupled from the payment. For example, you could have a one year contrat but a monthly recurring payment for the contract or once invoice but paid each month until the whole amount is paid. So I think that recurring payment needs a module by itself.

We're thinking of building such module but we can't say when we'll do it.


Le sam. 30 nov. 2019 à 20:52, Henrik Norlin <> a écrit :
Dear community,

I would like to have an open source module for contracts with recurring Stripe or Paypal payments, depending on

Does a module like this exist?
Who would like to develop such a module? I would then fund-raise for it.

Kind regards
Henrik Norlin

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