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Re: Select recipients on chatter widget

Camptocamp SA, Timon Tschanz
- 25/11/2019 15:33:58


Yes the intention would be a search above the widget.

Also we would only want the selected people to be notified.

And currently we're using the full compose window, but since this would be the customers primary way of notifying it would be nice if there is no extra step.

Kind regards

Timon Tschanz

On 11/25/19 3:17 PM, Roussel, Denis wrote:
Hi Timon,

If I understand correctly, you can do that by beginning your chat with '@'.

It will propose all recipient and you can filter.

I also remarked that for a huge amount of users, the http request can take up to 1 MB per page displayed to retrieve all the users (they are stored by js)...

Best regards,

On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 2:52 PM Timon Tschanz <> wrote:

I'm looking for an add-on to allow free recipient selection on the 
inline chatter form. Has something like this been done before? Target 
version is a V10

Kind Regards

Timon Tschanz

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