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Re: Select recipients on chatter widget

Intero Technologies GmbH, C. Zoellner
- 25/11/2019 15:10:00
Hi Timon,

what do you mean by "free recipient selection"? Do you mean something like a litte search and add widget right above the message box?

Best Regards

Von: "Timon Tschanz" <>
An: "Odoo Community Association, (OCA) Contributors" <>
Gesendet: Montag, 25. November 2019 14:52:01
Betreff: Select recipients on chatter widget


I'm looking for an add-on to allow free recipient selection on the 
inline chatter form. Has something like this been done before? Target 
version is a V10

Kind Regards

Timon Tschanz

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Christian Zöllner

Intero Technologies GmbH
Heinrich-Heine-Ring 76
D - 18435 Stralsund
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