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DevOps: Sway Remote Sessions

- 28/10/2019 06:02:13
Hi All,

I was faced with an issue recently that some company NUKs smeared all the sudden without further sign of life.

I wondered the possibility to run user sessions over the local network on a more reliable server accessed from Raspberry PI thin clients.

Enter Ubuntu 19.10 (released some days ago) with Gnome 3.34 shipped which finally has tenable Wayland support. (I use the Pop OS distribution)

x2go server has been well documented and in use for a couple of years. But Wayland support: non existent.

Enter waypipe a GSOC sponsored network transport for Wayland which works similar to ssh -X.

Enter sway a lightweight tiling window manager (a port of i3 to Wayland).

Enter Raspberry Pi 4 release earlier this year with better GPU drivers and therefore support of Wayland.

Sway, like i3, can be heavily configured with keybindings for any company's role based productivity scenarios (shortcuts for sales, dev, admon, etc.) It is lightweight on server resources and still pretty sleek for a mainly keyboard driven window manager.

Pulling the strings together, I'm trying to configure archlinux on raspberry to login into `waypipe ssh login@server sway`.

Not sure how many sessions a NUK Intel i7U Quad-Core with 32GB can bear, but I bet it's quite some.

Let's see how DockeryOdoo plays with this setup as for server side development. Maybe using git worktree for all working on a single repo? Maybe split abstract serviced like db, email sink and reverse proxy from the particular odoo-dev service all joining on a odoo-dev network where all developers share abstract services?

To be continued ...


D. Arnold