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Re: New Repository Payroll

Komit Consulting, Jean-Charles Drubay
- 29/04/2019 13:46:56

Thanks for bringing this up. 

I think that it is much needed.

I don't really understand the move of odoo as they only seem to care about the localization for their main source of revenue (probably US and Europe? ) which leaves Vietnam behind and probably many more. See how localization goes for accounting... non-existant for 80% of the countries in the world. 

If they remove the core of the engine from community edition , then we should use a common universal bases.

Recently, I was realized that most of the payroll code has been unchanged for many years and that odoo discourages customers from using odoo for payroll with current versions. 

One of the painful problems to address is how to handle employees having overlapping contracts within the same payroll month. It makes things complicated for rules like Personal income Taxe which take into account the total revenue. 

Best Regards, 

Jean-Charles Drubay 

On Fri, Apr 26, 2019, 21:11 Luis F Mileo <> wrote:


Since Odoo SA will no longer maintain the payroll module:

“Besides, we will reinforce our Odoo Enterprise model too, by removing code in Odoo Community that was not useable without Odoo Enterprise:

We will stop maintaining the open source payroll app as the module is far from being usable out-of-the-box. (it's been hidden from the website and software since years now) Instead, we plan to develop the missing features in Odoo Enterprise to make it a real app: benefits management, reports, localizations, etc. We are prepared to invest a lot in the localisations, the only way to justify such an investment is to make it in Enterprise (we consider payroll to niche market as we mostly target SMEs who usually subcontract payroll)

Accounting: we plan to stop maintaining the old report engine as it is not used anymore in Odoo Enterprise. The reconciliation widget code will be moved to the Enterprise repository, as the feature was not accessible / visible in Odoo Community

We plan to do these changes for Odoo 13, that will release in October 2019.

What if you are using code of the open source Payroll module?

We do not "close" open source codes. You will always be able to fork and maintain the Odoo 12 Payroll if you need it (or adapt it to Odoo 13). What's in LGPL remains in LGPL.

But we will stop maintaining the open source payroll engine as Odoo 13. Instead, we will focus on building the complete payroll app and develop countries localizations in Odoo Enterprise. If you, or the Odoo Community Association, want to maintain it, feel free to do it; it's LGPL.” Source:

I would like to request the creation of the project / repository payroll, so we can start the roadmap discussions with stakeholders, if possible before the launch of v13; I see it as a strategic project of great importance in large projects.

In the Brazilian location we carry out the difficult work of developing the payroll and its associated electronic documents. Many customizations were required to meet the brazilian requirements (the hierarchy of salary structure, benefits, holidays and even rounding calculations (not supported by "openerp / tools /"): (see l10n_br_hr, l10n_br_hr_contract, sped_esocial, sped_tabelas sped_transmission, sped_reinf)

And I'm sure some of them can be leveraged to create a more generic, comprehensive, and usable payroll module. 

In copy two key contributors who helped make this feat possible.

Best Regards

Luis Felipe Miléo
phone: +55 11 3090-9303
mobile: +55 35 988 763 663
R. Coronel Renó, 07 - Sala PC.2.3.01
Itajubá - MG

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