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Re: Some help please - Webkit Reports asset loading

- 22/03/2019 13:41:01
I wonder, though why assets would / should be served by the queue worker at all? That feels a bit awkward. Shouldn't they be served by the "server" (http worker) in absence of a cache, in theory?

Furthermore as a standard http request wouldn't it be round robin-ed to one of the available (http!) workers?

At the end of this line of thought, I might perceive a side effect of the job worker invalidating assets for a short period until they are rebuilt.

So this hypothesis does not a assume a "loading" error in the job worker, but an "invalidation" error, causing external effects in the static file serving elsewhere. A cache would probably not solve this reliably if cache invalidation is also triggered.

If the job queue really serves static assets, indeed. This look like a topic for opening a GitHub issue, though.

So does probably the existence of the described external effect.

El vie., 22 mar. 2019, 4:27 a.m., Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) <> escribió:
Well, good to see that at least you have found the root problem, although with no solution yet.


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