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OCA Days - Spring Sprint Berlin

Humanitarian Logistics Organisation e.V., Benjamin Brich
- 23/02/2019 18:47:53

Dear Community,


I am very happy to officially announce the first Odoo Community code sprint in Germany. After the trial event last September, we are proud to be your hosts in Berlin from April 10th until April 12th.


The sprint will jointly be hosted by elegosoft, initOS and humanilog in the old AEG factory site (maps link) in Berlin Wedding, an impressive historical industry building complex that is now part of the startup city of Berlin.


Besides coding, reviewing and translating, we will have some space for talks in a separate room to get some relief from the screen (for those who wish). If you would like to hold a session about a certain topic, please don't hesitate to take part in the online survey on the event page.


On Thursday night we will organize a group event to discover Berlin together, and afterwards we will end the day in a nice beer garden nearby.


Finally two words about the city of Berlin, for those of you who haven't been there yet, you should definitly join as it is a real international melting pot with a very diverse international population and a very rich history. Furthermore, it is a vibrant centre of Europes startup scene. For all the others, if you can not make it, consider joining us the next time.


We kindly ask you to submit your registration soon at We have to apply first come first served because there is a maximum amount of seats.


We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Berlin this April.


Enjoy your weekends


The Spring Sprint Team