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Re: Odoo Operator PSC

SAS Clouder, Yannick Buron
- 21/02/2019 23:00:47

Hello all,

I have to say, I strongly support this idea. We are talking about Kubernetes here, the Operator Framework by CoreOS / RedHat is a set of tools designed to industrialize maintenance operations around dockerized applications. For example managing new deployments, base backup/restore, migration etc... without having to have the needed tools inside the base docker image of the application.

The Operator Framework is becoming increasingly popular for such usage and I believe the Odoo community should follow the trend, this is probably part of the future of DevOps. Note that RedHat is now one of the main influencing company inside the Kubernetes community, what they are doing is very interesting to follow.

For more advance and mature reference but still on a example which matter to us, I invite you to have a look at the Crunchy Postgres Operator Looking at the features here would probably give you an idea of what would be possible in an Odoo context.

For what I know, there isn't a docker base image recommended by the OCA, there are some popular ones but very different since not everybody agree on the best design. Operators are probably the next generation of base image, having one endorsed by the OCA at such an early stage would probably help to avoid the same situation in the future.

Le 21/02/2019 à 13:46, David Arnold a écrit :
Hi Alexandre,

Sure: it's work based on the CoreOS (now RedHat/IBM) Operator pattern and can be found here:

Please note: It's incubating / early alpha.

Best Regards,

David A.

El jue., 21 feb. 2019, 7:37 a.m., Alexandre Fayolle <> escribió:
Hello David,

Could you share some insight, such as maybe what the repository is
about? "The Operator front" does not ring any bell for me...


On 21/02/2019 05:31, David Arnold wrote:

> Hi all,


> I'd like to propose to transfer the work I'm advancing on the Operator

> front into an OCA/odoo-operator repository.


> Any objections or considerations?


> Best Regards,


> David A.


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