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Re: Porting a module from the OCA whose feature is now in Odoo CE

MetricWise, Inc., Adam Heinz
- 21/11/2023 23:02:03
It certainly seems to me that you'll need a migration script to reshape the data from OCA v15 into Odoo CE v16. I don't see how that would contribute to clutter as the module could simply never exist for OCA v17+.

On Tue, Nov 21, 2023 at 1:02 PM Robin Keunen <> wrote:
Hi community,

The functionality of module stock_picking_responsible in v12 is now part of Odoo CE in v16 but it still needs a migration script* : what should I do in this case ?

My intuition is to port stock_picking_responsible to v16 and only leave the migration script in the module. I'm afraid this would clutter the oca repository with empty repositories.

What do you people think ?

All the best,

* more detail :
responsible_id is a many2one to a res.partner in stock_picking_responsible
responsible_id is a many2one to a res.users in stock

Robin Keunen 
Coop IT Easy 
+32 488 86 57 40

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