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Re: Porting sale_order_type to 17

Francesco Ballerini
- 19/11/2023 21:18:41
Hi Gandalf Corvotempesta I appreciate your name : )

1 - In the context of a porting I think it's correct to simply remove "groups" attribute from fields in order to resolve the missing xml_id, as the group has been completely removed from the source code
2 - about this case I'm not sure because I don't know if it's possible in odoo17, to avoid the usage of deprecated python argument "states" while keeping the "readonly" condition in python. If you don't find a way to keep this in python, I think there is no problem on defining the "readonly" conditions on XML. Until odoo16 you could have parsed type_id readonly states into XML by adding "attrs" attribute on field like the following code

attrs="{'readonly': [('state', 'in', ['sale', 'done', 'cancel'])]}"
although in Odoo17 I think this expression has to be changed into something like
readonly="state not in ['sale', 'done', 'cancel']"
as a consequence of this commit.

Best regards
Francesco Ballerini

Il giorno dom 19 nov 2023 alle ore 18:57 Gandalf Corvotempesta <> ha scritto:
Hi guys
i'm trying to port sale_order_type module to Odoo 17
(i'm not a python developer)

I've done almost everything and now the module install properly (and
seems to work properly too)
But there are two things i don't know how to solve:

1. group_display_incoterm was removed from sale_stock and thus the
actually views used by sale_order_type doens't install properly. I've
removed the reference to ' groups="sale_stock.group_display_incoterm"
' but I don't know if this is correct or has to be replaced with
something else

2. `states` are deprecated in 17. How can I replace these ?


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