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Re: new python based pdf engime

Mohamed M. Hagag
- 14/11/2018 01:23:17
Personally I didn't find anything even near in performance to 
wkhtmltopdf, even firefox, chrome and libreoffice.
In the last week I was able to get a ~2250 pages Partner Ledger report 
with ~128,000 lines in less than a minute using wkhtmltopdf after some 
tweaking to the source html.
trying to convert the same html to pdf using libreoffice, chrome or 
firefox hangs the application or the system.

Also I tried AthenaPDF with same results of chrome.

the latest version of wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5 is working great in features 
and performance for reporting in Odoo .

My 2 cents


On 11/09/2018 09:51 PM, Xavier Brochard wrote:

> Hi


> WeasyPrint, a new python based pdf engine has just released its first stable

> version. It is already deployed in New-York city, in UK and in some hospitals.

> So I guess it is safe :-)


> It comes from Kozea, a french company based in Lyon. So may be guys from

> Akretion knows them already ?


> Their dedicated english web site is

> And we have just published a french presentation on


> Loo,ks like ic could easily replaced wkhtmltopdf.


> (I'm not advertising for here. It is just fortuity, to have 2 Odoo

> related news in two days).


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