Sale Configurator
Location: Track 1 - 10/29/21, 9:00 AM - 10/29/21, 9:30 AM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Odoo contributor since 2009, OCA funder, Shopinvader creator, love learning from OCA member and contributing to OCA

Odoo already have a product configurator based on product variant build on fly, but sometimes it's not enough.

The Sale Configurator use a different approach for managing the configurable products. Instead of using variant, we use option, an option is another product (with qty restriction if need). Each of these options are sale order line (but linked to the parent sale order line).

You will see how to configure a product, how to sell it, and also a Shopinvader case of integration.

Let's discover this project and see if it should move to OCA.

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A special thank you to our friends at Acsone for their help in the event organisation