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Re: Who maintains l10n-germany OCA repository?

by "Holger Brunn" <> - 16/03/2023 09:49:14
Keep in mind this is a voluntary position and adjust expectations accordingly.

> I've made some minor contribution to the l10n-germany [1] repository and

> would continue my work on migration and fixing existing modules.

> Unfortunately, the PRs are open for weeks and nothing happens.

weeks is not long for a low activity repo like this one.

> What can I do to get my (and other) open PRs reviewed and merged? Isn't

> there any maintainer of this repo? Did I miss something?

review/test other people's work, I don't see you doing any of this.
Maintainers also tend to appreciate picking up things like
if you want to get a standing there to join the group of maintainers 

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