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Re: stock_inventory repository

ForgeFlow, S.L., Lois Rilo Antelo
- 14/12/2021 14:40:36
I agree with you both, I also thought that the new behavior is not usable for large warehouses (cannot really filter, assign work, keep record of operators work...). Also using stock.move.line as history of past inventories seems an over simplification.

For reference, the change was done here: They state that they include cycle counts, bulk assignment... but I could not do that on a quick test. I will have a look in detail in the next days, but it seems that maintaining stock.inventory in the OCA is a good idea.


El mar, 14 dic 2021 a las 14:06, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) (<>) escribió:
Indeed checking quickly in runbot, I see no way of telling "I want to make an inventory of this location (and children)" now, so a module that restores this concept (through a model called `stock.inventory` or whatever), and then present the stock.quant view filtered by that criteria may be enough, and mount the rest over this base.


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Lois Rilo Antelo
Odoo consultant at ForgeFlow S.L.